Inspire your community as an Instructor

Why get involved?


Be part of the first every community fitness week and share your expertise and passion with your community. Attract new clients, inspire people to get involved.


Be part of a national movement that will create a healthier, happier and more connected society. We want to cure loneliness and offer people a safe and easy route to wellbeing by transforming and increasing participation in community fitness classes across the UK.



How does it work?


From 4th - 10th November, we will be asking community fitness instructors around the UK to make the first Community Fitness Week a huge success. Create a Community Fitness Week profile, supported by our partner fibodo, and debit and credit card payments will be processed on your behalf and payments sent to you after your session has taken place (less 7.5% for payment processing).


Each instructor will run their weekly sessions as normal, but will re-brand for one week with the Community Fitness Week branding, with your clients booking through the Community Fitness App.



What does it cost to join?





What will I need to do?


Shout from the hills, get as many people through your doors as possible, then at the end of the week, you will need to complete a simple electronic questionnaire so we can show the impact we are all creating.



How many classes do I need to run?


Minimum 1 throughout the week. We have deliberately suggested that instructors do this as an addition to their normal class week to prevent any additional work. You may of course turn it in to the huge extravaganza which we hope it is and go wildly over the top. You do not need to run your class for free or at a lower cost if you do not wish too.



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