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About Community Fitness Network

Community Fitness Week is a new initiative, raising awareness of community fitness and the instructors who deliver sessions around the UK.


Community Fitness can be anything from a Zumba Fitness class in your community centre, to a small walking group, to Pilates in the local primary school. Fitness can have such a huge impact on a community and helps build one. Besides the obvious fitness benefits, it also builds social circles, removes barriers, and looks after mind and body


Join us an be part of something special in your community.

Community Fitness Week is the brainchild of Claire Goodliff from Community Fitness Network, with the goal of raising awareness of community fitness and supporting the instructors who deliver inspirational sessions around the UK.


We are passionate about community fitness and strongly believe that it is of huge importance to the health and wellbeing of today's society and that there should be no barriers to participation.


Community isn’t about a building or a place, a community is about a group of people that come together to share interests and activities. Community Fitness Week is inclusive of people of all ages, races, sexual orientations and genders. Together, we support and encourage each other to reach our goals.


More than 1 in 5 people say they often or always feel lonely


Loneliness does not discriminate; it is an epidemic throughout our society. We want to cure loneliness and offer people a safe and easy route to wellbeing by transforming and increasing participation in community fitness classes across the UK.


We have seen first-hand the power of Community Fitness.  We do however understand that joining a class for the first time or getting back into fitness can be daunting. So, we created Community Fitness Week, where you can easily find and book an enjoyable class in the knowledge that it will be safe and supportive, no matter what your level of fitness or experience.


We are focused on people to 4 areas of Community Fitness:


  • Dance Fitness

  • Community Activities

  • Group Exercises

  • Wellness


With everyone moving in the same direction, we’ll achieve success.

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